Mar 29, 2009

Shotwell + Great American Music Hall= Love United

Holly & Michael are a power couple; young, hip, talented and having a great fashion sense is definitely understated. They're awesome boutique was featured as Daily Candy's 2008 "Sweetest Things" for best style! With a great sense of style and fashion, Holly and Michael were in search of the perfect wedding photographer. They didn't want "typical wedding" photos they wanted avant-guard, they wanted fashion and they were excited to hire me for the job. It was such an exciting wedding to work on because I was so passionate about the couple, their love and the story they wanted their friends and family to enjoy and share.

This wedding in particularly, I went over the top with planning. I brought in the most talented set designer, Courtney Atinksy to build a set for a "Photo-Booth" Station. Not only was it amazing, It was definitely a wedding success. I had two wonderful assistants making sure the wedding was well covered at all times. With an amazing crew I was able to produce the most amazing, fashion forward wedding I've ever shot and I can't thank everyone involved enough for all their hard work.

The wedding took place at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco. Holly's wardrobe included a dress from famed New York Designer, Morgan Le Fey, custom jewelry by Erickson Beamon and a family friend flew in from Pennsylvania's Oakmont Bakery to bake their delicious cake.

Big thanks to Holly and Michael for making me cry. Congratulations on a lifetime of love, happiness and super style!


  1. Hi Holly, Alesia here. Wow! you guys have got it goin' on! I know you will make the best parents for little Spec.

    I absolutely loved your wedding photos...extremely nice!


  2. amazing !!!
    cool pictures .
    the look of the bride is really extraordinary.
    love the everthing