Jan 7, 2009

Kiko & Mayank: Bend, Oregon

Kiko and I have a bit of history— we go waaaay back, well, not that way back but we did meet in college and the rest is, well "history". Kiko and Mayank have such a cute love story: they met between mutual friends playing poker in a nifty warehouse style apartment in San Francisco. Love at first sight? Maybe? I just know that they were destined for each other and guess what? I have proof:

Once upon a time Kiko and Mayank were in Bend, Oregon. Kiko in her stunning dress and Mayank in his handsome suit were ready to begin their new lives together—And take some family photos. We (family and wedding party and myself) were outside in the chilly weather taking our formal portraits before the ceremony. I decided to steal them for a few shots by this magical tree. This tree was magnificent; this tree was a once in a lifetime kind of tree, with a once in a lifetime backdrop; this tree looked like it needed to be in a movie; this tree was ——to——die——for! So all of a sudden, while I was mid-shooting, an eagle flew right into the shot— not kidding. Ya, ya, it looks like it was photoshopped (Thanks I take that as a compliment) but it wasn't because it was it was really real! Proof that they were destined for each other? I think so! I can't get anymore proof then the most serendipitous moment in my lifetime (and probably theirs). Thanks Kiko and Mayank for giving me such a wonderful gift. Check out the real proof below.

You know how the story ends..."and they lived happily ever after". But the truth is, is that they are living happily ever after and their life began while celebrating with family and friends. There were many wonderful vendors at the wedding including: Curl Up & Dye Salon, Flowers by Deanna, Brock Sound Company-- and the oh so gracious staff at the Pronghorn Club! Congratulations to Kiko & Mayank and be sure scroll below to see some of the other festive photos.


  1. Where exactly is that tree? Do you know if you can married under it?

  2. Hi Liz,

    The tree it's self is at the Pronghorn Club in Bend, Oregon. It's on a golfcourse and that particular spot is a big hill. Not sure if it would be comfortable for guests to stand on the hill, but you might be able to get creative. The tree is nicknamed the "ghost tree".

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