Jan 2, 2010

❤ Mariachi LOVE ❤

I get so excited when I get to see Mariachi bands. They just remind me of growing up (near San Diego) and give me that happy & excited feel inside. I get so excited that sometimes I just want to join in on the celebrating fun!

Sue and Marco's wedding was one of my favorites this year! The stylish getting ready moments took place at the oh-so-fabulous Claremont Resort; the nuptials at the, kid you not, prettiest church in the east bay; the portraits at the lush and gorgeous Piedmont Park; and the merriment of celebration at the stylish and beautiful Montclair Women's Cultural Arts Club. It was so hard to choose all my favorites from this pretty wedding... but here they are— the keepers I just had to share! A big congrats to Sue & Marco. You two have such an amazing love and it completely resinates in the photographs. Enjoy:)

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