Jul 1, 2009

Griffith Observatory, LA Farmers Market & Chupacabra!!?!

Los Angeles is Awesome— especially when you get to shoot an awesome couple. We started our shoot in Pajamas at the LA Farmers Market. Fun, right? It was seriously awesome— eating waffles, smeared whipped cream & lots of rubberneckers. After our morning trip, we headed to the Griffith Observatory. It definitely is a lovely site— super crowded so we headed down the hill for more shooting. That's where Chupacabra enters the story. I had this idea of the two lovebirds frolicking through the ferns—I'm usually not a scaredy-pants, but this unidentified "thing" was jumping throughout the overgrown fern ready to attack...ME! I don't think I've ran or screamed so fast, all because the Griffith Chupacabra was after me. Needless to say, we left the fern area and got some other awesome and amazing shots. I'm super excited about their wedding in August. Stay tuned & subscribe to see more adventures! (p.s. the attacker might have actually just been a squirrel. A—W—E—S—O—M—E.)

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